To introduce your company, please send an Executive Summary (1-5 pages), Roadshow (corporate presentation) and Business Plan, if available, by email.  We review what we receive and our goal is to respond within a week.

Please note that we maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and keep all submitted materials confidential to the fullest extent possible. However, please note that we do not sign a nondisclosure agreement with respect to information contained in unsolicited Executive Summaries, Roadshows and Business Plans. Accordingly, please do not send us any proprietary information or trade secrets until requested.

  1. We can’t change the world by ourselves. Partnering with others who share our vision and values is necessary to bring about real and lasting improvements in the health care system and the health of those we serve. We are working collaboratively to increase access to quality care and improve the social determinants of health. Organizations that receive grant funds from us are addressing access to jobs, housing, food, education, and health care for people in low-income and minority communities. Funds are to be used to deliver services to and improve the health and well-being of underserved populations (e.g., economically poor, women and children, mentally or physically disabled, at-risk minority, or other disenfranchised populations). One-year grant awards are made for up to $100,000. Individual hospitals may reduce the $100,000 cap, depending on availability of funds.
  2. $350 million private equity fund that invests in opportunities which simultaneously enhance the quality of life of communities in rapidly developing nations, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, while also delivering attractive financial returns for investors. Sectors considered includde the following:
    Economic Growth and Trade
    Digital Finance & Financial Inclusion
    Financial Sector & Investment
    Private Sector Competitiveness
    Housing and Infrastructure
    Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  3. We are committed to partnering with any SME that we choose to invest in, and supporting our entrepreneurs beyond the financial investment. Our locally based advisors provide customised business support to our entrepreneurs, and will be available to consult with when necessary. We offer flexible finance, determined on a case-by-case basis to suit the needs of the entrepreneur.By partnering with us, you will benefit from our knowledge accumulated over two decades, across 25 countries in the field of micro-finance and SME finance. We will be banking upon this expertise to help fill the gap of ‘the missing middle’ with respect to financing SMEs in developing countries.
  4. Investment provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.Some companies may need no more than seed funding. Others will go through several rounds. There is no right answer; how much funding you need depends on the kind of company you start.Our goal is to get you through the first phase. This usually means: get you to the point where you’ve built something impressive enough to raise money on a larger scale. Then we can introduce you to later stage investors—or occasionally even acquirers.
  5. We are one of the leading venture capital investors for social enterprises in Europe.Social entrepreneurs solve social challenges in sustainable, market-driven ways – tackling issues such as education, social integration, the ageing population and long-term unemployment.We share their passion for building outstanding companies in a professional, dynamic way.
  6. We are a global investment fund based in the Netherlands that makes investments in sustainable aquaculture businesses that generate investment returns, while creating positive social and environmental impact. The fund invests in small to medium enterprises that are working towards the production of safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in a way that does not harm the health of the planet.
  7. A US $244 million challenge fund capitalized by multilateral and bilateral donors to stimulate private sector entrepreneurs in Africa to innovate and find profitable ways of improving access to markets and the way markets function for the poor, particularly in rural areas. The Fund awards grants and repayable grants to private sector companies to support innovative business ideas in agriculture, agribusiness, renewable energy, adaptation to climate change and access to information and financial services.
  8. We are an independent growth capital fund.  We invest in fast growing companies that are working to make the global food supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable.  Our focus is on supporting the growth of companies who are commercializing novel technologies and services.  We invest across the food supply chain from novel agro inputs and precision farming through to smarter logistics and consumer safety.  We do not invest in other funds, land, operating assets, or other capital intensive businesses.
  9. We raise charitable donations which are then used for long-term debt or equity investments for early-stage companies providing reliable and affordable access to agricultural inputs and markets, quality education, clean energy, healthcare services, formal housing, and safe drinking water to low-income customers.
    Deadline- Applications are accepted year round.
  10. We target three subsectors of food and agriculture: primary, secondary and tertiary (services and infrastructure).
    • Primary agriculture encompasses arable land development, cereals and staples, dairy and livestock farming, aquaculture, fruit and vegetables, ranching, plantations and edible oils; especially produce for local consumption.
    •  Secondary agriculture includes maize and wheat milling, soya processing, sugar milling and refining, production of animal feeds, beverages and branded foods as well as packaging.
    •  Tertiary agriculture extends to services and infrastructure including logistics, storage, seeds, subcontracting, physical inputs, crop protection, input financing and fertiliser.We will invest in food and agriculture related transactions such as:
      •  management buy-outs and buy-ins;
      •  acquisitions;
      •  expansions;
      •  early-stage equity (minority/majority); and
      •  outgrower and smallholder developments.
  11.  Investors looks for for-profit enterprises that are solving social and/or environmental issues. companies that strive to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges through creative, sustainable, and scalable business models.interested in companies with:
    • A qualified and inspiring management team
    • Strong IP protection (if applicable)

    We do not consider applications from:

    • Individuals, projects or technologies – only fully formed companies
    • Businesses that are in concept-stage only
    • Companies that are religion-based
    • Purely non-profit organizations (We will accept applications from for-profit subsidiaries or partners of non-profits)
    • Venture funds
  12. Project debt financing with engineering, procurement and construction as a package, we seek profitable early and ready to shovel projects in real estate, resorts, commercial and residential development. A minimum of $30 million with project owners willing to invest 30% over the life of the project.
  13. This lender is for US and the Caribbean Islands only. Offering bridge and construction financing. 36ms loan term, LTC up to 75%, interests starting at 8.99%. multi-family, mixed use,retail,office,industrial,entitled land can be financed.