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We are a team of African Investment Officers and Managers based in the USA, and Europe, working with many individuals and venture capital investment firms.

Our passion is common around seeing many investors understand the economic potential of the African continent in many different respects.

Also, to see many slums/shacks becoming micro cities, in that way eradicate or reduce poverty in many cities around 54 african countries.

Bureaucratic processes can at many times slow down many business processes including those initiatives of trying to identify potential investors for their cities.

Many countries have innovation centers or hubs which stimulate startups across many industries, but many of these startups do not make it to the global economy.  (if there are 20 startups in a contestant and only 2 are funded, what happens to the great 18 products or solutions, do they get funded ?)

Our business model is simple.

Create global partnerships.

Our clients are individual, businesses and governments

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